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Because... We have spray dryer know-how and experience.
We have more than 65 years of combined spray drying process experience in the design, sales, and operation of spray drying systems.

Because... Our systems are lower in cost.
SDS is a family owned business, with no network of sales reps.  We have no large overhead to support, or commissions to pay.  We are organized to handle all aspects of our business in a highly efficient manner.  This results in our ability to offer the best pricing in our industry, without sacrificing spray dryer performance or equipment quality.

Because... When you have questions, we get you the answers fast.
Whether it is during the proposal stage for the spray dryer, the contract execution, or post plant start-up, the staff at SDS is here to help.  No one can help you faster than SDS.

Because... Our understanding of particle size control is the best.
Our design capability for the control of particle size in nozzle or rotary atomizer spray dryers has been demonstrated to be the best in the world. The design will be specific to the application to insure the best particle size distribution with minimal or no wall deposits. 

Because... We will design a spray dryer for your application.
We do not try to sell you a standard model spray dryer that "may" fit your application. If our standard models are not a good fit, we custom design and offer a spray drying system that meets your specific requirements.

Because... Our capability spans all sizes of spray dryers.
We have designed spray dryers with airflows from 50 to 250,000 ACFM, feed rates from 0.4 GPH to 200 GPM, diameters from 2.5 to 43 feet, and inlet air temperatures from 50 0F to 2400 0F.

Because... We can incorporate energy savings in spray dryer design.
We have the experience to successfully incorporate partial spray dryer outlet gas recycle to conserve energy.  We have used waste hot gas streams to further recoup energy for use in the spray dryer, and we have included hot water generators on the tail end of the spray drying process to produce "free" hot water for plants that use hot water.


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