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Spray Cooling of Process
Gasses by Evaporating Water

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SDS spray coolers use spray drying technology for the spray cooling of process gasses through direct contact water evaporation. Spray cooling is typically required where the gas is sent to other process equipment which have maximum temperature requirements, such as bag houses for collecting solids from the gas before discharging to the atmosphere.

The process gas, such as a furnace flue, enters the spray cooler chamber where water is sprayed and evaporated which cools the gas to a specified temperature. The water vapor produced passes through the downstream equipment with the process gas. If the amount of water evaporation required for cooling the gas does not create a near saturated condition of the outlet gas, the SDS spray cooler can be a viable option.

Our design ensures that the process is kept "dry", i.e. all of the sprayed water is evaporated and remains in it's vapor state, which results in a condensation free system which eliminates corrosion or solids sticking problems.

A 20 foot spray cooler takes 160,000 ACFM of flue gas from three furnaces from 1,600F to 350F to allow fly ash recovery with a bag filter.

A spray cooler under fabrication for cooling 30,000 ACFM of process gas from 365F to 140F.

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