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Pressure nozzle atomization can be the best choice for many spray drying applications for reasons such as producing a narrower particle size distribution, a larger average particle size is required (> 100 micron), better control of spray dryer wall buildup, and lower overall capital, energy, and maintenance costs of the spray dryers.  The inserts for these nozzles are typically made of tungsten carbide and wear out over time (the orifice becomes too large), and must be replaced to maintain proper atomization and spray dryer performance. The rate of wear, and the frequency of replacement of these inserts, depends upon the type of feed being sprayed, as well as the spraying pressure. 

Below is the SDS "O" Series spray dryer pressure nozzle, with tungsten carbide wear parts (Orifice Insert and Swirl Chamber):

Lance Adaptor
Part# 90004T
Retainer Key
Part# 90006
Screw Retainer
Part# 90005
Assembled Nozzle
Swirl Chamber
Part# 90001
Orifice Insert
Part# 90002
Chamber Housing
Part# 90003

"O" Series Spray Dryer Pressure Nozzle Sketch This document is in Adobe PDF format.

"O" Series Spray Drying Pressure Nozzle Cut Sheet This document is in Adobe PDF format.

Pressure Nozzle Inserts (Swirl Chamber and Orifice Insert)

  • Hollow cone spray for optimum spray drying results
  • Uniform droplet distribution for the most narrow product particle size distribution
  • Full size range of orifice inserts and swirl chambers for a wide range in flow rates, spraying pressures, and spray angles
  • Available in A carbide for superior wear resistance for non-corrosive, abrasive fluids
  • Interchangeable with the Whirlchambers and Orifice Inserts for the Type 104 and SSTC WhirlJet SprayDry nozzles from Spraying Systems Company

Pressure Nozzle Body Parts (Chamber Housing, Lance Adaptor, Screw Retainer)

  • Different alloys for mating threaded components minimize galling problems
  • Gasket-less design for most slurries containing undissolved solids
  • Spraying pressures up to 5,000 psig

Please call SDS @ 410-549-8090 for additional information on our spray dryer pressure nozzle.

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