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SDS designs spray dryer control panels to fit our customer's needs: Advanced PLC control systems or more economical basic control panels, digital readings from transmitters or more economical gauges, motor controls built into the panel or wired to the customer's existing MCC, integral flame safety controls or remote flame safety panels.  Our control panels can be built for any NEMA rating, and can be UL Listed.

SDS has the flexibility to tailor the supplied control hardware package to your needs.  For customer's who want to incorporate the spray dryer controls into their own control system, or supply their own instrumentation, we can supply a complete design package, including the P&ID, electrical one lines, schematics, elementary diagrams, loop diagrams, interconnection diagrams, and logic diagrams.

Below are selected pictures of past SDS spray dryer control panels.  Click on a picture for an enlarged view.

Another group of satisifed SDS customers with their PLC control panel.

A remote PLC HMI touch screen.

SDS control panels are designed for ease of operation.

Another SDS control panel indicating all systems running and operating properly.

Spray dryers do not require advanced PLC controls. A basic control panel uses push buttons, relays, indicators, and PID controllers.

The inside of an SDS basic control panel.

An SDS PLC control panel checked out at the shop and ready to be crated and shipped.

Inside this SDS PLC control panel.

We model our main PLC control screen graphic based on our P&ID, which makes operation easier.

Inside a PLC panel with flame safety, motor starters, and VFD.

A remote SDS flame safety control panel.

Inside the flame safety control panel.

Stainless control panel with PLC and flame safety controls rated for NEMA 4X.

Another satisfied customer with their SDS spray dryer control panel.

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