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The SDS Model 60 spray dryer is a larger version of our Model 48 spray dryer, with all the same features and options.  It has a maximum evaporation capacity of 250 lb/hr of water.  The drying chamber is 5 feet in diameter, with a typical straight side of 8 feet.

The Model 60 spray dryer can produce as high as 150 micron average particle size when using pressure nozzle atomization in the mixed-flow configuration, with little or no wall buildup.  When used with pressure nozzle atomization, the Model 60 is especially effective in producing powders with improved "flowability", tighter particle size distribution, and higher bulk density, all with a higher overall yield when compared to two-fluid nozzle and rotary atomization.

The actual evaporation rate and maximum average particle size achievable depends upon the feed being processed, the site elevation, the air temperatures used for drying, and the nozzle configuration used.

The clear height required for the Model 60 spray dryer ranges from 18' to 24', depending on the height of the straight side, whether chamber bottom separation is used, and nozzle configuration.  The footprint is approximately 10' x 13'.

If you would like to receive pricing for a Model 60 spray dryer, please let us know what your application and requirements are by filling out our Small Scale Spray Dryer questionnaire.

Click Here to download our Small Scale Spray Dryer Questionnaire in an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: If prompted to Open or Save the file, choose "Save", which allows the Excel file to be saved to your computer.  Or, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As", which also allows the Excel file to be saved to your computer.  Once the file is saved on your computer, enter the information, then attach the Excel file to an e-mail to SDS at



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